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Day 3: Twitter Archive part 1

by Aaron Crowder on in Projects

A big part of owning my content is preserving it. I have over a decades worth of content hosted exclusively on Twitter. I’d like to change that! After all, that’s what the IndieWeb is all about.

The first step was requesting and downloading all my content from the bird site. Once that was done I used the Twitter Archive Parser from Tim Hutton. From there is where MY story begins.

Tim’s parser takes your twitter archive and turns it into Markdown. However, I wanted to have each tweet be its own page, and I wanted each of them to be Hugo posts. To accomplish this I’m writing my own script (in Go) to take the output from Tim’s parser and make Hugo posts for each tweet.

Why? Because I want to! You can take a look at my code if you’d like, but be warned that as of today it is VERY much a work in progress. I’m just trying to get started and hacking together something in my spare time with whatever leftover energy I have at the end of today.

On a more personal note…

I’ve been fairly sick for the past week. On top of that my kids have been as well. As a single dad, when I’m sick and I have my kids and they’re sick, I have almost nothing left in the tank most days. But doing this kind of thing makes me happy and helps put gas back in the tank.

I appreciate any and all who are following along!