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by Aaron Crowder on

Hi! I’m Aaron! Or, if you know me online, “CrowderSoup”. I’m a father of two, software developer and lover of the open web. I’ve been interested in the internet ever since I was a kid in the 90’s and my family got a DSL line. My dad worked in the IT industry back then in Southern California so we far more connected than most (my brothers and I had a computer in our shared bedroom when I was 3!).

When I was 11 I wanted to build a website. I was gifted with “Building a website for Dummies” and my Dad set up a home server so I could tinker with and build a website that only my family could access. I soon grew bored with this though and eventually had my own GeoCities and AngelFire sites. After that was my obsession with message boards. I used Proboards mainly and probably created 5 or 6 different communities. They were populated mainly by my brothers and the odd visitor. But I didn’t care about the minimal traffic, I was building things for and with people I cared about.

At one point as a teenager I also built a simple (and bug riddled) content management system in PHP. That thing was my baby. Until my brother Josh deleted it. That was before I knew anything about VCS software or had any form of backup plan.

Now though, I’m 30-something, working, living, and doing my best to blog about it occasionally.