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New Apartment, who Dis?

by Aaron Crowder on in Personal

I’ve been absent from my blog lately. The excuse is usually just that I got lazy. Not this time though! This time the reason is…


This probably comes as a surprise to most. Why would I sell a house just to go back to renting? Well, it’s not as simple as that. Mostly it came down to spoons.

You’ve probably heard the analogy before about spoons. They represent your time/energy. You only have a finite number of them. So you have to be careful with your spoons.


Pretty much everyone in my life knows this, but I didn’t blog about it. In early July of last year my wife and I decided to part ways. It was an amicable split, and we remain (good) friends to this day. The house was big enough though that for a while we still lived together, I just took over the basement.

Eventually though, she decided she wanted to move in with a new partner, so I had the house to myself (and my kids when it was my turn for custody of course). That was at the end of yard work season.

Back to present day

As the weather started to warm up the reality of taking care of a house, a yard, my kids, and my job started to set in. I was running out of spoons every day LONG before all of my obligations were met, leaving no time for myself. Leading up to this point I didn’t have the pressure of yard work (thanks winter) so while I was LOW on spoons, I wasn’t running out.

When you’re consistently running out of spoons you have to make a change. That’s what I decided to do. Now I have less space to keep clean and no yard work. Something I didn’t expect though is how much more a sense of COMMUNITY I have in my apartment. That is something that’s made this move all the more worthwhile.

A new chapter

This new phase and chapter of my life is one I’m excited for. Being able to create a space that is totally mine for myself and my kids is so much fun. I have loved decorating and organizing. My hope is that I will now have much more time for living (and blogging)!