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New Apartment, who Dis?

by Aaron Crowder on in Personal

I’ve been absent from my blog lately. The excuse is usually just that I got lazy. Not this time though! This time the reason is… I SOLD MY HOUSE AND MOVED INTO AN APARTMENT! This probably comes as a surprise to most. Why would I sell a house just to go back to renting? Well, it’s not as simple as that. Mostly it came down to spoons. You’ve probably heard the analogy before about spoons.


Hugo Makefile

by Aaron Crowder on in personal projects

In doing research on themes for this blog, I stumbled across one called Neofeed that had a really interesting Makefile. I was really intrigued by the idea of being able to run a command to start a new post or run the hugo dev server. However, my needs where a bit different from the author of Neofeed. I modified their Makefile to suit, and I’m excited to write this post about the result!


Apologize Like You Mean It

by Aaron Crowder on in personal professional advice

Today is Father’s day, a day where we celebrate the dad’s in our lives. Rather than write an appreciation post though, I wanted to write about something that men everywhere can do better. That’s why I decided to write about apologizing. It’s something that few men do, and even fewer do well. Even worse I’ve seen so many instances lately where men are directly asked to apologize and refuse to.