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Trying out FrontMatter

by Aaron Crowder on in Site Updates

I recently found a really cool VSCode extension called FrontMatter. It allows you to manage your static site with a simple, intuitive interface, all within VSCode. This is the first post I’m writing with it.

It sort of feels like a halfway point between managing plain text / markdown files and having a full-blown CMS. For my use, I don’t need something like WordPress… Markdown files and Hugo is plenty. But having a nice interface to see a list of posts, media, etc. is nice.

The thing I’m not convinced about though is doing things the “FrontMatter way”. It’s not as configurable as I’d like, and expects you to mostly do things their way. I have a certain way of organizing my content folder, but FrontMatter doesn’t let you configure how you want it to do that.

If I’m being totally honest… This is a neat tool, but I’ll probably stick to the shell/vim going forward 😅.