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New Theme: Back to Basics

by Aaron Crowder on in Site Updates

Things look a little — ahem — different around here, don’t they? I think if you look carefully you’ll notice a few things have changed 😅

I recently decided that I wanted to change up my personal site and build from a solid foundation. There wasn’t anything wrong with my old theme. Far from it! It worked really well. I just wanted to have something that was purpose built for what I wanted. Not something I was having to tweak and mod to make my own.


I’ve mentioned that I’m going to build on this minimal foundation. So what’s the plan?

  1. Basic styling (likely a darker theme), using a terminal / cli asthetic
  2. First class support for code / syntax highlighting
  3. Make everything in /posts of IndieWeb type article
  4. Add support for sending web mentions after build
  5. Add support for receiving web mentions from other sites
    1. When a web mention is received create a “Page” for it in hugo, nested under the post that received the mention
    2. List web mention sub pages on the “single” page
  6. Add Micropub support so I can use a Micropub Client to post to my site on the go
  7. New /micro section that will contain IndieWeb post types
    1. note
    2. photo
    3. reply
    4. like
    5. repost
    6. rsvp
    7. etc

As you can see, I’ve got pretty big plans for this site lol. That’s why I wanted to start from a simple, solid foundation. With this new theme, I think I’ve got it 😊