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(The Long Road) Back to Hugo

by Aaron Crowder on in Site Updates hugo

Once upon a time there was a full-stack software developer who could NOT stop redoing his personal Website. I think this might be the 50th or 60th time I’ve done it in the last 10ish years that I’ve owned this domain. I have used all sorts of content management systems (even wrote a couple of my own) and static site generators. WordPress, OctoberCMS, Pelican, Hugo, etc.

But I keep coming back to Hugo. Hugo is so powerful, fast, and flexible! The reason I kept moving away from it was because I kept wanting to add API endpoints to my blog for one reason or another.

Recently though I’ve been playing around with Vercel. Vercel lets you add serverless functions. I played around with them when I build yell at cloud. I even connected that up to supabase.

This makes me all kinds of excited to be able to easily build/host a static site, but also have the ability to add whatever other API endpoints I want or need. I can imagine adding endpoints for creating new posts using IndieWeb principals.

Going forward the theme might change, but I think (and hope) that this time Hugo is going to stick!