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Resolutions for 2016

by Aaron Crowder on in Life

It seems like the “thing to do” at the beginning of each new year is to make New Years Resolutions. If you’re at all into blogging then you know that you then have to publish those resolutions for all the people who don’t read your blog to see. That’s who/what this post is for.

I wanted to make my resolutions less about “I want to lose weight”, and more focused on programming, open source, and this blog.

Don't let your dreams be dreams Some motivation from shia

1. Blog (at least) Weekly

I am here, before the world, committing to writing in this blog at least once a week.

2. Spend (at least) 5 hours a week working on Open Source Software

Whether it’s my own projects or someone else’s I want to spend more time each week working on OSS.

3. Read 1 book per quarter

I’ll probably focus on books related to programming, software, or technology in general. However, if a work of fiction slips in one quarter I’ll count it.

4. Learn a new programming language

I’d like to learn something like Go, but I’m not yet decided. Ruby wouldn’t be bad, neither would Java.

With these goals in mind, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me on this blog. So, to my one and only reader, Kenz (my wife), here’s to a great year ahead!