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Christmas of 2015

by Aaron Crowder on in Life

This year’s Christmas was one for the books. As a father it was SO much fun to watch my two girls have the time of their little lives getting and playing with all their new toys. Their excitement and wonderment meant the world to me, even if I know they don’t fully understand everything.

Before we went down, we had the girls get their Christmas Jamies on!

Evelyn and Ruby in Christmas Jamies

When we went downstairs there wasn’t much ceremony to it at all. No one “played Santa” as Ralphie and Randy would say. I mean, Evelyn (our oldest) is just barely two. Ruby is only 8 months. We did what any sane parent would do at this age and pre-opened all their presents and only wrapped a few for Evelyn since she seemed to be starting to “get it” when it came to opening presents on her Birthday.


![Ruby playing with her new toys](/assets/uploads/2015/12/27/Ruby-Presents.jpg) Ruby loved her play table. She can stand and make lots and lots of noise!


![Evelyn Opening a present](/assets/uploads/2015/12/27/EvelynOpeningPresent.jpg) Evelyn was shy about opening presents at first, but really got into it as the morning wore on. ![Evelyn playing with her train set](/assets/uploads/2015/12/27/EvelynTrains.jpg) Probably her favorite present: A train set!

It’s incredibly rewarding as a parent to see your children enjoy the presents you get them. At this age we could have given them cardboard boxes and they would have been happy. But Evelyn is starting to get to the age where she’s actually interested in playing with toys, so we wanted to get her some simple things.

It’s easy to want to go REALLY overboard on presents, but Evelyn doesn’t have any expectations so she doesn’t care how much or little she gets. We tried to keep it simple, and I really think that we were able to do that this year. Time will tell if we can do it again next year!

P.S. Due to my own presents there will be a lot of Raspberry Pi posts coming…

Raspberry Pi with 2.8 inch TFT display

I got two Raspberry 2's. This is one of them with a 2.8" display from Adafruit