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Day 8: Don't call it a failure

by Aaron Crowder on in Projects

There are no such thing as failures, only lessons.

I’ve seen several variations on this quote. Regardless of the permutation though, they all distil to the same thought. Failure is an opportunity to learn.

I set out at the beginning of the year to blog every day for 100 days. I failed in that endeavor. However, I also learned something. I learned that blogging every single day, for myself, is untenable. I just can’t do it.

Some days I can write 2-3 posts. Some days? Zero. Less than zero (if that were possible).

So instead of looking at this as a failed project I’m going to take the lesson and adjust my goal. Instead of 100 days consecutively, I will write 100 posts total this year. Some might be written on the same day. Some might be short. But I will do my very best to hit 100.

That means I have to write ~3 blog posts per week. That’s one down for this week!