by Aaron Crowder on

#IndieWeb #Blog #Hugo

This is the latest iteration of my blog. I’ve done a LOT of different things here, so the only constant has been my tinkering. In this iteration I’m making some major changes. That’s why things are pretty sparse here at the moment.

Here’s what I’m doing:

  • Using Hugo to generate a static site
  • Hosting on Vercel

My goals

  • IndieWebify (h-card, h-feed, indieauth, etc.)
  • Using serverless functions (thanks to Vercel) to handle Webmentions and Micropub endpoints.
  • Syndicate content from Instagram / Twitter to this blog.
  • Syndicate content from this blog to Twitter

Right now I’m planning to work on those goals incrementally. I’m not going to try and get it all done before I hit publish. I want this site to evolve organically based on what I find my needs to be.

I’m exited to have a more streamlined and lightweight blogging experience. I’m happy to shed the heft required to hosting WordPress.


I used a WordPress plugin to export all my WordPress posts. They are located at /old. One final goal I have would be to fix those posts up (the front-matter is pretty fucked) and bring them into the main feed of my blog.