Mobian: Day Two

by Aaron Crowder on

Day two with Mobian on my Pinephone was honestly fairly uneventful. I was able to pick the phone up and use it for the most part. There are still rough edges on the software (both Phosh and various apps), but nothing that prevented me from being able to do what I wanted.


I was worried that installing Anbox would be a difficult task, but it was actually fairly easy with the instructions from the Mobian Wiki.


I did find that I needed to enable / increase the available z-ram. Again, it was as simple as following the instructions on the wiki. I increased my z-ram percentage from 50 to 200 and rebooted. I haven't had any issues with this, but beware that you might encounter some (as I may down the line). Android is RAM hungry and this helps apps open without hanging.


There are a number of issues listed on the Linux On Mobile Blog post about running Anbox on Mobian. The one that's preventing me from using Android apps more beyond simply opening and closing them is that the keyboard doesn't work... at all. There are some software workaround, but I decided to go the hardware route. I don't have a bluetooth keyboard, so I decided to order a mini one off of Amazon. I will be getting it tomorrow and if I like it I'll link it in a later post. This is mainly a stopgap until Pine64 comes out with a keyboard case (one is in development).

NewsFlash vs Feeds

I mentioned that I was trying out NewsFlash and Feeds yesterday. I am now leaning more towards NewsFlash because instead of trying to open posts in a full browser it fetches the content and displays it in a "readable" format. I have it synced with Feedly right now because it's not compatible with TinyTinyRSS. I have already been considering switching from TT-RSS to Miniflux so this might be the push I needed.


Anbox NewsFlash

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