Are you ready for this? โ€” By 2050, Salt Lake City weather will feel more like Las Vegas, study says. (The Salt Lake Tribune)

In just more than 30 years, the weather in Salt Lake City will feel more like Las Vegas with the warmest month increasing by 10 degrees. This is according to a new global analysis of how some citiesโ€™ weather will shift under climate change. The National Weather Service says the warmest month in Salt Lake City has an average temperature of 91 degrees. That means 30 years from now, the average temperature during the warmest month would be 101 degrees.

Maybe I should get a swimming pool…

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SOUTH JORDAN, Utah โ€” South Jordan Police believe theyโ€™ve found the teens behind several pride flag thefts across the city.
Three teenage boys face tough questioning Wednesday after police said they found them with several pride flags.
Cell phone video…

Such a sad world we live in were people can’t express their thoughts and feelings with a flag without it being stolen ๐Ÿ’”