There he--it--was. Big. Hairy. Larger than life. It looks *almost* human, but not quite. Head too big. Arms too long. Can it be? No, it can't, can it?

You reach for your phone instinctively. The screen doesn't come on. Shit, it's dead. No pictures then. Call someone maybe? No, dead phone, remember. "Idiot," you think to yourself. "How could you be so stupid, not charging your phone last night?"

It feels like it's been an eternity since you spotted him. No **it**. Eyes locked, like you're both the deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. Suddenly he--it--breaks your stare and starts to move away. You're only twenty or thirty yards off. Instinctively you start to follow.

His--fuck **it's**--legs are so big that you immediately have trouble keeping up. It's keeping a steady pace. For him--it--it's almost a leisurely stroll, but you have to break into a run to keep up.

Was it running away from you? No, it would be moving faster if it was. Perhaps it knows it doesn't need to? At this rate it's going to lose you before long anyway. Just as you're thinking you might not be able to keep going he--no it--looks back over it's shoulder. You hesitate for a moment, but it keeps moving and so do you.

Is it moving slower now? Did it realize you couldn't keep up? Is he--IT--intelligent? Well, only one way to find out. So you press on, following
as quickly and closely as you dare. Every now and then it looks back over it's impossibly broad shoulders to check that you're still there, slowing to match your pace. It definitely WANTS to be followed. Almost as if it realized you were no threat.

Before you realize it, you've been following it for over an hour and you're coming to the foothills of the mountains. The terrain is getting steep and you're starting to have to climb and clamber over rocks and boulders. It seemed to sense that you would be especially slow here and a couple of times even stopped to make sure it kept you within eyesight.

Eventually he--it--came to an outcropping of rocks that appeared to be the entrance to a cave. It stopped at the opening and you met it's eyes. It's gaze seemed to say "come no closer". So you dutifully stopped, half concealed behind a boulder.

As you stared at each other there seemed to be a silent conversation between you both. You can't quite translate it to words but you get the feeling that you are being trusted with a secret. A secret that his--it's--life depended on.

You are unsure of how much time had passed but the sun was now high in the sky. Seeming to take advantage of your momentary distraction it disappeared into it's cave. When you looked back at the outcropping it was gone. You shake your head, chuckling to yourself.

"Holy shit," you say aloud. "I just met bigfoot!"

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