I'm Aaron Crowder. I'm a Software Engineer who loves the Web. I'm also a husband to the amazing Mekenzie Crowder and the Father of two wonderful little girls.


I am currently writing awesome code for Boostability. They are an awesome company, and I'm not currently looking for a new position.

With that said, I do enjoy working on a number of site projects. Anything from helping my wife with her blogs, to building sites for a few friends. I am even beginning to dabble in open source.

Open Source

I've starting building CrowdControl, which is a Python based CMS built with Flask (a micro-framework). It's consuming most of my free time (with two kids this is a highly valued commodity) at the moment, but I'm committed to building the best possible CMS solution for Flask developers to enable them to deliver highly-custom sites to clients in as little time as possible.


Outside of work I'm a normal geek. I grew up in Southern California but later moved to Utah to be closer to family. Yes, I am Mormon. I served a 2 year mission for the LDS Church in Houston, Texas and I loved every minute of it.